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    Wales and England next to participate in Stepping Stones programme

    The World Curling Federation is pleased to confirm the English and Welsh Curling Associations have been awarded the opportunity to host the next Stepping Stones programme. ...MORE

    Member Association Spotlight: May 2019

    A vital part of our President’s Newsletter, this page is here to celebrate the great development work our 61 Member Associations are doing across the globe. ...MORE

    Creating a legacy for curling in China

    Members of the World Curling Federation, and its partner the World Academy of Sport, the Chinese Curling Association and the Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Beijing ...MORE

    Brazil encouraged by new qualifying opportunity

    Not many teams would succeed in beating one of the top outfits from the United States or Canada three times in a best-of-five series and, particularly on away ice. ...MORE

    The pioneers taking curling to new horizons

    Paula Herrera had no idea what an eventful night it’d be when she settled in for a relaxing evening at home in Mexico City to watch the 2014 Olympic Winter Games with her partner Rodrigo Velez. ...MORE

    Canada's jubilant Team Jennifer Jones victorious in Beijing

    Tirinzoni and co fought their way back into the final at the Shougang Arena through scores of three in the third and sixth end but Jones’ game management in the closing stages ensured victory ...MORE
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